Hank Boone on a Bench

Hank Boone is a business owner, producer and actor living in Riverside, CA. He is fully committed to taking his craft to the next level and bringing outstanding performances for a variety of different avenues.

Hank studied acting and theatre at the College of the Sequoias and he is now studying both film and theater at Riverside City College. His focus is to build up a great career in the acting and producing world while also creating top of the line works and providing the best performance for every film and theatre project.

Hank Boone’s first job in the arts was as an actor. He started in some small films after getting some experience in a play written by Jeff Daniels named “Escanaba In Da Moonlight”. There he met the executive producer for Killing Kate, which eventually brought Hank his first film role.

He also played a supporting role in Gemini, an antagonist that was called a dimensional stranger. Hank Boone continues working and now he has two more projects under way. Both are short films and he is the producer for both of these movies. He is actively working to earn his SAG-AFTRA union status.

Hank Boone is now an Assistant Stage Manager and Assistant Technical Director at Landis Theatre at RCC. Hank is a part of the United States Army, he was deployed to the Persian Gulf in 2016 and he has been serving our country for the past 5 years.

Aside from being in the military, he still has a passion for creating movies and expressing himself. He found that short films are a great starting point for his career and all his work is very compelling, different and exciting to watch at the same time. That’s what really pushes the boundaries for Hank, the fact that he bolsters his creativity and he always strives to bring in some astounding performances for every different situation.

What makes Hank Boone stand out is his focus on success and on bringing in the best support and focus on growth. He has a large commitment to quality and value, and he is very passionate about creating movies.

Hank Boone is always open to new, creative projects. He has a full commitment to our country, while also delivering the best possible work in the movie and theatre industry! Hank Boone is genuine, curious and always focused on growth, all while maintaining a huge passion for people. He is fully driven by creativity and he works really hard to push life to that next level in a clever way!

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